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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 16, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> richmond woman that everyone called granny is the unintended victim of deadly shooting. killed while sleeping in her own bed. good evening. vicious senseless crime that is making people in that neighborhood angry and fearful as well. 7 news reporter with
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more on this outrageous crime. >> granny was ours she was like the mother of this building. >> miss todd was a fixture in the community. which 80's her sudden and violent death has come as a shock. >> i heard it lake it was coming through my wall so i hit the floor. it was like 2 shots first and kept ongoing. >>reporter: police say more than a dozen shots fired. police marker identify most of the hole. her daughter still coming to terms with the loss of her mother. >> she didn't know she have a bad day it's okay it will get better. shot her. i don't know why. >> heard the first shot. >>reporter: man showed me where the bullet came through the wall. round that came through here. struck her in the head. side. back. the 64-year-old died from her injuries short time later. >> granny was a good woman. and it's so unfortunate that somebody was so heartless to shoot up her house and take her
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away from us. >> investigators tell abc 7 news the shooting was not random. that the home was targeted. but miss todd is not who the shatter was after. >> now the investigation is showing that her son was possibly the intended target. >>reporter: police not identifying her 40-year-old so son. they tell us he was also hit by gunfire. treated at the scene and released. >> family of miss todd early evening vigil in her memory hoping to raise awareness about the crime. richmond police for their part asking anyone information contact the investigation unit. there's a 10,000 dollar reward offered for information leading to an arrest. in richmond, abc 7 news. >> san jose this afternoon child was rushed to the hospital after being hit by a truck. it happened at the intersection of east heading and north second street just after school let out nearbyness middle school. truck dragged the child before it was able to stop. we are not sure if the child condition yet or age we
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are working on that. the driver apparently is cooperating with authorities. >> 2 police officers recovering after being shot. officers were chasing a guy at one point he turned around and fired on them. one was hit in the ches chest. niece stable condition. the other officer was hit in the shoulder. the man was arrested. >> 102 running bay to bricker race takes place this sunday exploratorium police chief says he's learned some lessons from the boston marathon bombings helping san francisco prepare for the big race here. the story tonight from carolyn tyler. >> it was createed to raise the city spirit after devastating 19 06 earthquake. it's a wonderful whacky tradition. this year there is a more serious tone. >> i think people weren't to see police officers in uniform and they will. lots of them. >> san francisco police have been in contact with the coun counter part in boston. following the fatal marathon bombings there. what they have
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learned means beefed up security on sunday. >> will be officers from all district stations helping out. pretty much everybody in special operation will be working whether there are attack team small motorcycle or horses. bomb tech will be on scene to allow for rapid response to any package and also have canine around. >> at the start of the race at main and howard on the hays street hill on the finish lane along the great highway there are camera monitoring the race in real team. officers from other bay area agency and the fbi are all part of the safety plan. rules of the race for runners no alcohol. no float. no large backpack. no if big object no pet. everybody is asking how big can a backpack be. >> about this big. >>reporter: alcohol ban always hard to enforce and spectators sometimes get out of hand. that's why the bread and butter
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cafe will close early on sunday. >> people come in a little drunk 10:00 o'clock in the morning and then i would say by 11 it was just people that were pretty drunk. >>reporter: but as the city prepares for the race organiz organizers and runners lake the famous sir francis drake door man tom sweeney focusing on the fun. >> him if i can't see any problem with that, this party. >>reporter: this is the 40th race and despite the outfit he runs at pretty good clip. now whether you are a fun runner or a serious runner you are going to find more protection than ever before this year. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> bay to breaker isn't the only big event if san francisco this weekend. race starts at 7:00 a.m. sunday. about an hour later the final stage of the tour of california bike race begins on its leg to santa rosa and about the same time annual alcatraz sharkake part
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fest swim. so an awful lot going on. you cap get navigation. help around the traffic in the city with our exclusive way traffic app. free on a el app store or from google play. check it out when you have time. >> it looks like yahoo could be in talk to buy the social networking web site tumbler. both all things d and ad week quote sources say the talk are sires. price tag may as high as 1 billion dollars. miss meier is trying to attract a younger hiper demographic for yahoo. >> wonderful news for former yahoo executive. 2 children murdered in new york last year. it has been nearly eight months now since the children of kevin and marina stabbed to death police say by the nanny. ortega was reportedly upset short on money and that the family asked her to do housework. she was fit to stand trial in april an faces two counts of murder now. today here's got news. kevin
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and marina announce they are expecting another child, baby boy, shared the news on facebook page set up in the memory of the 2 children who were killed. they write we are filled with many emotions as we look to the future. but the most important one is hope. they add the surviving daughter can't wait to welcome her new brother cop grts las vegas to the tam couple. >> neighbors in santa cruz were told to stay inwhale authorities try to deal with a mountain lion a little bit too close. young cat was trapped for several hours in aquaduct near may avenue. he was first spotted walking down the street about 7:00 a.m. this morning and got a lot of attention as you can imagine. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony picks up the story from there. >> lots of wild creatures. skunk and opossum and now a mountain lion. >> thnt doe see mountain lion in the part not in downtown santa cruz any way. but this morning this 40 pound male cat showed up. even walking down a
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sidewalk at one point before getting stuck in the aquaduct until police fish and game and wild life experts from the uc santa cruz project came to the rescue. >> people see wild life and concerned because it's an unusual sighting. because you see an animal acting normal but it's in an unusual area doesn't mean that it's a public safety issue. >> in this case the young mountain lion bedded down in the aquaduct. >> after shooting the cap with two tranquilizer dart experts crate him and safely carry him out of the awbing we deduct on the back of alter rain vehicle. >> first dart caused the animal to move 50 yards downstream to where it beded in addition another grass land area. in test thing the animal testing the reactiveness we determined it was safer and we would all be better if you have a we administered a second dose. >>reporter: young lion lay on the bank of the water way vets gave him a thorough exam. assuming well and unhurt the
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plan is to take him back up to the habitat. santa cruz mountains for release. well away from downtown. >> i don't know how that happened. makes meeel like perhaps we are coming close with the wild life and people in human nature coming together too close. maybe there's something wrong there. >> like we are in their way. >> maybe we are in their way. >> and so it ended well for both man and cat. police say in a situation like this the first priority is to protect people the second is to safely capture the animal without having to euthanized it n.this case they achieve both. in santa cruz, abc 7 news. >> more to bring you tonight. still to come. 7 on your side investigation. >> car over heating leaving motorist with severe burn ahead on 7 on your side. who needs to be alerted and what is being done. >> also ahead. palm tree dilemma in san francisco. we
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have that story. texas tornado with two00 miles an hour winds. hear from family that lived through this unbelievable destruction. >> also spencer here with the weather. >> i'm here in the accu-weather forecast center with forecast holds a little bit of everything. cool down. warm-up. another cool down. i have the 7 indicate forecast coming up. >> thanks experience. bay area musician recovers an instrument he lost when it was stolen 35 years ago. quite a story thipd years ago. quite a story thipd stolen base guitar, too
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>> hundreds of palm tree along san francisco waterfront are in danger of contracting a deadly and contagious disease. palm tree planted on the embark dare after the 1989 loma earthquake. 2 dozen of them now have brown leaves and wilted branches. not doing so well. 3 dozen more show signs of being infected with the deadly fungus. public works craw taking special measures to keep the disease from spreading. >> when we used our pruning tool we make sure we use saw
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blade for every tree. nutri-en in the soil special for palm tree to keep them strong and healthy as we can. >> it cost 35,000 dollars to replace each palm tree. fungus limits the tree ability to absorb water which is why the leaves turn brown as you can see. luckily san francisco foggy weather gives the palms enough moisture letting them life longer. >> terrifying home video of one of 10 tornadoes maybe few more that ripped through north texas yesterday. the twister left sex people dead and destroyed dozens of homes. may have been as many as 13 tornadoes in fact. emergency workers still lacking for 7 people missing in the aftermath of those twister twisters. steve of on community devastated and in shock. >>jf my gosh. latest picture from those massive deadly tornadoes that tore through texas are both frightening and amazing.
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>> oh, my god look right above us. giant hail. nature warning. >> that's the biggest i have ever seen man. >> casualty and severe injurie injuries. we have multiple houses that are no longer ther there. >>reporter: police searching door to door burping up the radio. >> we need as many as we can. we have to search and rescue. >>reporter: family were trapped in their home. 6 people killed. 70 survivor sent to hospital. fichlt young girl apparently suck out of her house. >>reporter: sun rose this morning and she looked around. >> it's amaze that go we weren't hurt or killed. >>reporter: lisa said a prayer of thanks. tornado tore the home to pieces but she and her grandson hid in a bath room and made it out alive. >> the doors just like shaking shaking shaking shaking really bad. >> grand berry suffered the most. subdivision of homes, many built for the par by
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volunteers were wiped out by the twister. investigators say it was an ef 4 with wind speed nearly 200 miles an hour. 23 miles south east we heard from the national weather service who thinks there may have been 2 tornadoes here. most vicious and ef 3 with wind speed up to 150 miles an hour. almost itssed the city then changed >> got south of the city turned lef to the city of hear. >> this family was in the way. >> still in shock. >>reporter: they lost everything. this is abc news, emery, texas is that just remarkable. terrible. one of the tornadoes an ef 4 which is what the second most ferocious tornado. >> that's exactly right. exceeding 200 miles per hour. hard toy imagine. >> we have much different and much much calmer conditions obviously. live doppler 7 hd shows mainly clear skies right now. we had a few clouds
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around in the afternoon hours but it has been breezy and clouds have not been able to hold on. here's an example of how breezy to windy it is rate now. 33 miles per hour gust at this hour fairfield 30 miles per hour gust at napa. 24 at sfo and breezes pretty strong around the bay area. live view from the high definite figures rav top camera across embark dare to bay bridge. skies still mainly clear. 58 degrees in san francisco. 57 across the bay oakland 55 at half moon bay. another view from the other side of the bay bridge downtown south beach camera. here in san francisco and other temperature readings 56 at santa rosa and napa. 58 fairfield. 57 at los gatos. live view from shakey mount tam camera very windy there looking on to the bay as we present our forecast feature. clouds i hope cress overnight but we will have mostly sunny afternoon tomorrow. it will be cool though and then see weather turning warmer over the wean. satellite radar
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composite image shows approaching cold front bring us cooler air mass i should say. we have some clouds ahead of the front today and even couple sprinkles early today but doesn't lack like any sprinkles in the forecast now. start animation 11:00 o'clock in. although we will see clouds thickening and sweeping on buy. doesn't look like a sprinkle or 2. sky sunny and breezy and cool at the coast. sunny this afternoon and overnight tonight low mainly in the low 50's. even down into the upper 40's in the north bay valley and along some coastal locations. in the south by tomorrow the look for mainly sunny afternoon skies. breezy. much cooler than average for this time of year. high in the mid upper 70's 67 at san jose. same picture on the peninsula. mainly mid 60's. 66 at redwood city. mountain view. breezy cool on the coast. high in the upper 50's. half man bay and pacifica. downtown san francisco high of only 61 tomorrow. 58 in the sun set
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district. a little bit hilder north bay. especially up in the valley where santa rosa will have a 70. napa high of 70. east bay look for high of 65 at oakland and 67 at castro valley. inland east bay up to about 70 but not much above 70 grease there tomorrow. hears accu-weather 7 day forecast. after this much second consecutive much cooler than average mid may will warm-up to 80 inlistened on saturday and near 90 sunday monday in the inland location and then we cool down again next week. >> roller coaster ride continue >> tl changes of wichblingts up and down. >> and between. >> we can do this all night. we often do thanks very much. >> for warrior fans this is the big it nature of the season. it's do or die time. game 6 of the semifinal. sports director larry is live at oracle. >> it's uphill grind against the spurs. veteran experience
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with qualifying bundles. faso you want to save on autoof insurance?. drive a hybrid. get good grades. lose the bling. go paperless. combine policies. make automatic payments. and of course, talk to farmers. hi make automatic payments. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum♪ >> all right is far not so grit for the warriors at oracle arena tonight. game 6 of the play offs a series. sports director larry is there live tonight. we knew going in this would be a tough game. >> the spurs are a professional bunch and typically what they do in these situations is they cholesterol teams out. were yours fateing for the play off lives in must win game 6
9:24 pm
situation and all the warrior fans at oracle rain a tonight hoping this is not the final game of the season. and it is electric inside as we check out the highlights. time tottonio.n the first hand. every first half turns and powers over them with the early lead. game 5 curry with 16 in the first half alon alone. doesn't want to go home yet but tomorrow so that very quay it. san antonio up first half. 6 off the bench. barns attacking 8 points in the first half. right at duncan for the basket. right there. but scary moment barns get tangled up late in the second quarter. with defensive play. hit his head on the court and down for several minutes. left bleed with a cut open the head but would return later with 6 stitches. warriors cut the led to 3 sonds left before lf
9:25 pm
time bu-40 spurs at the break and spurs opening it up in the third quarter. smrirt unexpected offense. put them up by 6. leonard off the 2 on 1 as the spurs have built a 12 point lead warriors will need a comeback trailing 60-48 in the third quarter. lets move on to the other play off series in the east. knicks pacers world most famous arena madison square garden. anthony led the way for the knicks trying to stay alive with in the series. very versus lay up on the base license. then cross-over hit the jumper at 28 points. knicks up 3 in the third. jr smith the key. the knicks with david west pulling the board for the pacers. pall general for the dunk. led indy with 2 23. copeland with 3 as the knicks prevail. pacers still up 2 games to 1 with game 6 saturday in indianapolis. shark took the ice tonight for
9:26 pm
game 2 of the play offs series with the l.a. kings but without torez who has been suspended by the nhl for the remainder of this series. with he show you exactly why the nhl has come down on torez because of the hit in game 1 on stole nhl trying to prevent concussion and felttor east was going for the head shot. torez repeat offender in the nhl sending mostly clear message this will not be tolerated. sharks fare without him in game 2. kings jump out to the early lead. carter with the fourth of the play offs to win then is the 92nd power play drew slaps it and never even saw it. after being shut out in the opener. sharks get on the board. patrick marlo with a tip in. fifth of the play offs and cut the lead in half 2-1. still in the second and brad stewart had not scored a goal all season with a g his first
9:27 pm
of the year and of the post season tight up at 2 and a that's where we are right now 2-2 in the third period. giants on road trip played 2 games in toronto. and in a travel schedule that only most evil schedule maker could come up with, tonight they were in colonel republican and democrat 0at coors field of all places where pitchers go to parish. matt cain on the mound for the giants in this one. early hole. ageless one deep to right. off the right field foul pole for 2 run homer. next pitch. deep to left center. 400 feet later 3 nothing rocks. take on 3 more but the giants back. 4th inning. helping own cause with a single. crew ford part of a 5 run-ining. giants down 1 and angel puts the giants ahead here as they come become to win 8-6. and news from the nfl.
9:28 pm
raiders in particular with pun punter. chris clue saying he has signed with the silver and black. out spoken claw will replace veteran all pro shane averaged 44 yards for punt during the years with the vacateings. also known for his strong opinions on gay rights and that may part of the reason that the vikings let him go. did not lick some of his comments off the field. that does it for now from oracle wren a.complete wrap up at 11:00 o'clock. see if the warriors make a fourth quarter come back. >> lets hope so. all right thanks very much. >> coming up next. bay area robot that is exploring the world ocean looking for sharks and a lot more. >> we can drive it in a hot spot. drive it around and island. alongside a reef. we can see what is there across a range of different location. >> amazing we have that story plus the seat warmer in your car may over heating. we look
9:29 pm
into who needs to be alerted and what is being done about it. >> over sea the battle for syria and evidence of a chemical attack. stay with us. ano fema narrator: it's posturepedic versus beautyrest it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing. mattress price wars are on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ some of the most advanced driver systems ever made. stereoscopic vision... distronic plus braking... lane keeping and steering assist... eleven enhanced systems in all. ♪ twelve, counting your adrenaline system. the 2014 e-class. the most intelligent, exhilarating mercedes-benz ever made.
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>> good evening once again. start this half hour with syri syria. president obama today promised to ramp up the president assad with no magic form will to end the vels. as for reports that chemical agents used bbc reporter pinell traveled to the syrian town where it reportedly happened to see the evidence for himself. >> on the betweenth of april came upped attack from government military position 5
9:33 pm
miles in that direction. using eyewitness testimony video taken on the day we tried to piece together what happened. filming started rate here from the vantage point as the artillery shell left handed just on the other side of the building. local activist gave the footage. he said it was taken when the shells left handed. vary fay the image but all the video you see are apparently taken on the same day by different people. helicopter was spotted high above the town. eyewitness allege at least 2 canisters were dropped from it. it was shortly after they landed that casualty started to arrive. 8 people were admitted apparently with similar symptoms. they appear to be vomit with brevit brevitying problems. worst affected was miriam. did he advice landed in the garden. doctors who treated her claim she had signs of exposure to chemical agent. the mother of
9:34 pm
8 died later that day. mohammad is the eldest so that. he says tried to help his mother but she collapsed in his arms. it was a horrible suffocating smell. you couldn't breathe at all. bed become really tired. you woul wouldless all the the feel like you are dead. >>reporter: sample taken from here and from the victim and sent to britain, france, turkey and america for testing. british chemical expert has looked at the trl what happened her and says strong but incomplete evidence nerve agent was used. but it doesn't show who is responsible. for people like mohammad the real issue isn't how people were killed, it's death itself. what they say is the indifference of the world to that polite. for abc news, syria. >> staying over seas another moment. 6 americans including 2 soldiers died in an attack in afghanistan. total of 15
9:35 pm
people died including 4 american contractors. suicide car bombing is the deadliest attack to rock the afghan capitol in more than 2 most. islamic million at that particular time group says it carried out attack in rae response to reports that the united states plans to keep troops in afghanistan beyond 2 2014. >> advocate for the physically disabled, common accessory designed to keep you warm in the car could severely burn them. we are talking about heated seats here. michael tonight with an important consumer alert. >> erica davis of san diego isn't one to let obstacle stop her. she has a 2012 national champion and first woman in a whether he will chair to make it to the summit here. >> it is adventure spirit to . >>reporter: s was riding in this chevy truck in 2009 when
9:36 pm
she claimed the seat heater malfunctioned. she suffered severe injuries. the burn several inches from the back of the that i to the butt tock. scar and pain still there. >> scar there for life. and hopefully the paper won't be. >>reporter: working hard to gain his full strength back here. he has been paralyze from the waist down since he was 19. in 2007 he was in a brand new cadillac escalade similar to this one when he says the car seat heater malfunctioned as well and received third agree burns to the buttocks. the burns wer so painful he could not sit for three months. >> lay on your side for 90 day days. unbearable. >>reporter: hole here in the upholstery of 2003 mercedes like this one was caused by sparking setoff by the seat. mp
9:37 pm
paid for repair and car maker says it's not responsible since it was purchased from a used car dealership. able body south bay woman escaped injury. those who are disabled often aren't as lucky. dr. david green mall chief of staff at burns at uc davis hospital. >> very simple. we have people l driving who don't have any sensation in their lower body, those people should not have car seat heaters. >> record compiled by the consumer advocate group safety research strategy show there have been 12 07 complaint about seat heater malfunction in 19 years to the national highway traffic safety administration. dr. green hall has seen a handful of such cases. >> we know that if you could 900 degrees fahrenheit if they get up to 120, 130, 140, they
9:38 pm
can tlmy burn relatively quick. >> test results conducted made visible to us by the attorney showed the seat heater reached temperature hovering at 150 degrees. he didn't know what burped him until his wife experienced it herself. >> the just kept getting hotte hotter. she pull over to the side of the road and jump out. >>reporter: car legaler say pall motor ins st. louis and manufacturer of the seat heate heater. they deny any fault in the accident. gm not sued because it was under the protection of the bankruptcy court at the time. the answer to the lawsuit the company said any damages suffered were caused by act of comparative fault or negligence. the company allege terri used the seat after it had been damaged so as to affect the ability to function safely. >> saint pall maintain the vehicle was not effective or unreasonably dangerous in any manner. blame the injury least in part on neglect operation.
9:39 pm
all parties eventually reached confidential settlement in the case. tl won a 500,000 dollar verdict in april. gm that a assisted in the defense told nusz a statement although it was not a party to the case gm believes the seat heater in miss davis vehicle is safe and performed appropriatelyly. while respecting the jury verdict gm doesn't believe the seat heater caused miss davis alleged injuries. chase and shell were said in the lawsuit that erica could have by the exercise of reason diligence limited or prevented her damages. national highway traffic safety administration says it believed the rate of alleged injury due to seat heaters is extremely low. and does not reflect a trend democrat stating unreasonable safety risk. rosemary of consumer for auto relaibility and safety disagrees.
9:40 pm
>> it's a serious problem because dozens and dozens of people have been burned. >> federal regulators have requested that society of automotive injury look into coming up with an acceptable range of temperatures. society confirms that process is under way. this is 7 on your side. >> chaotic weird morning on bart today. police arrested a man after he climbed on top of a train forcing bart to stop service through the mcarthur station and cholesteroled lanes of highway 24 and interstate 9 80. this deal went on for more than 2 hours. >> he was jumping from the roof on to 9 80 back to the track on top of a train. reports he was running back and forth on the train. people at the train could fell the impact and jumping on top of the train. >> this is crazy. just crazy. >> i guess if you have to be prepared for anything. >> bart says it has had previous contact with this man. he was identified late today
9:41 pm
as 29-year-old rodney jenkins. he was arrested for interfering with railroad and outstanding warrant for a parole violation. >> coming up. how safe is your suv. the new crash test that put it to the test. who came out on top. that's ahead. >> plus we go swimming with the shark tonight thanks to robot that track them virtually that [ male announcer ]ly citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for ann to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citi tablet apps. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> insurance institute for highway safety put 13 suv to the crash test. subaru fores forester and out lander sport were given the institute new top safety pick plus award indicating the very safest vehicles. the hyundai tucson,
9:45 pm
kia sportage, buick encore and patriots and ford escape had over all rating of poor in these tests. >> 2 quick business notes starting today. american air lanes passengers who carry one personal item that fits under the seat are being allowed to board before most other passengers. charging to check bag slow the boarding process as people fight for space in the overhead bin. >> apple announce plans today to open a new store where levi is writ now on union square in san francisco. it will replace the store 3 blocks away. don't know yet what is going to happen to the levi. >> bay area researchers are using a powerful new technology to track some of the most majestic creature in the ocean. now instead of witnessing for great white shark and other predators to come to them, they have found a way to follow the shark in real time. carolyn has the story. >> 3d view of what that shark ke. >> rhers stanford
9:46 pm
hopkins marine station shadowing the great white shark you look and listen. real time map plot the movement with eavesdropping equipment to the tag. >> the kind of tag we use are acoustic tag so it's a small plastic encased tag that gives off a coated chirp or coded ping. >> for years they have been on boat or bute and instead of of waiting for them to come to them the team perfecting the system to more effectively go to the shark. >> using these unmanned ocean going robots. vessel wave glider self propelled drone powered by the movement of ocean swell provided by both hopkins and manufacturer. on board communication equipment allows them to be controlled from a lap top computer anywhere in the world. >> we can drive it into a hot spot. drive it around an island. drive it alongside a
9:47 pm
reef and we can see what is there across rang of different location.#gñ >> active radar reflecttor to make it more visible. >> they are manufactured in sunny veil by company called liquid robotic. founder roger heinz says solar panel on the deck can power expanding array of scientific instrument and propulsion system under the water license made it unsinkable in a 9,000 mile test voyage to australia. >> at one point it ran into the largest storm that wave glider has been in, we think. this is cat 4 tropical cyclone so 10 meter significant wave height and just astronomical win. >> researchers now believe advance monitoring equipment will allow the wave glider to explore the ocean in ways never before possible from tracking hurricane and wave top level to unlocking the secret world of ocean going creature like great white. >> what is the water temperature? what is the p h?
9:48 pm
we might we have talked about putting dna sample on there so we are really trying to use this as a way to better understand not only the big predator detect thing but also the virment that surrounds them. >> carolyn johnson reporting really something. >> quick update on the pacific voyage to industrial. company now about to be awared guinness world record for the longest urine of -- journey unman vehicle. pretty impressive. >> coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. >> the fad and music combo that you didn't know you were waiting
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with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. >> music sooth the soul even very young soul it turns out.
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researchers say it can help a premature baby slowing down his or her heart beat. calming the breathing and im proving sleeping. some research shows it might help pre-mature baby go home sooner. music therapy increasingly used in newborn intensive care unit around the country because it's proving to be effective. >> well on the subject of musi music. the this is the vegetable orchestra of vienna playing a concert in madrid this week. yes they are playing real vegetable as actual struchlts orchestra bang on pump condition and whistle and care ought and jazz classical and electronic. >> i don't know if they are going to carnegie hall any time soon. spencer is back. the musical instrument wrought the after a period of time. >> true. organic instrument. for southook at the time la
9:53 pm
looking at flying saucer shape clouds across the sky. mainly blue sky this afternoon. mainly cheer sky tonight as we look at live doppler 7 hd. we expect a few more includes to form during the over tonight hours. state wide tomorrow. sunny mild down south. we'll have some break of sun and few clouds up north over in the sierra. look like shower activity will develop but in the bay area we didn't expect showers tomorrow despite presence of early morning clouds. mainly sunny afternoo afternoon. breezy cool with high probably not breaking the 70 degree mark by much in our inland location tomorrow but it's warmer on saturday and sunday monday as inland high climb back up to near 90 degrees. >> definitely cooler. >> way cooler than average this time of year. >> thanks very much. we talk about the carrot flute and pumpkin drum. remarkable story of bay area musician who recovered his base
9:54 pm
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the. >> coming up at 11:00 o'clock. busy local gas station where thieves stealing financial information. could you be among the victims? >> and bay area company giving would be parents a way to determine the odds of success with i hope vitro fertilizatio fertilization. how that works. those stories more coming up tonight at 11:00 on channel situation. but finally here. anybody whether own as musical instrument tell you it's quite important. it possesses the owner and visa versa. however as wayne learned today, sometimes it takes awhile. >> they say a man home is the kaels. what they don't tell you is how after he gets married his wife takes over and lucky to have one roof left. by this standard pete of san rafael just lick the rest of us. guy if a room surrounded by sentimental stuff. >> this is the. myporter: he r
9:58 pm
throw any of it away especially this base guitar because it's old and new and steroid. >> if this guitar could talk oh, god. >> you might remember pete from 1978 called the jefferson starship. that june they my add concert in germany or planned to any way until grace slick got sick and the crowd rioted. >> you see the various bit later on. >> melee from which this brand new guitar was stolen, loss because the dragon as they called it had a pedigree. >> this wood is the same made from the same tree that jerry far situation a tiger. >> detail of the guitar is exquisite. inlay there are silver but they faded through the years. if you look carefully at the eye of the dragon they glow. take us
9:59 pm
become to the era. >>reporter: 3 week ago a musician in germany opened the closet to noodles with a strange instrument he fwrot a stranger many years earlier. he tracked down the man who made it. learned the history. and after some cash changed hands the circle closed. almost any way. because there's one other little twist to the dragon. the day at the riot in 1978 would have been the dragon first time on stage. it never happened until last week. yes that's pete on stage bottle rock in napa. debut 35 years ago delayed. >> old friend. >>reporter: another story for the one room in the castle. from san rafael, abc 7 news. >> back where it belonged. >> that's our report from spencer, larry all of us here. spencer, larry all of us here.
10:00 pm
dee: well, what's wrong with sleeves? mac: nothing's wrong with sleeves. i cut them off sometimes because it looks tough. - dennis: doesn't look tgh. - dee: no, it doesn't. whoa, whoa. what's that bum doing? i hope he's peeing. i don't think that's what he's doing, dude. why is he smiling at me?
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